Over the years, I have been involved in many team-building events, as both a participant and an organizer. My first positive reaction was the speed of Teamworks' response and their readiness to provide a customised outdoor training program as soon as possible. I was further surprised by their readiness to assist in the organization of the rest of the 3-day event too, including arranging speakers for some indoor events.

Attention to detail, high regard for team and individual safety, innovative flexibility and constant feedback and learning are some of the things that most participants remembered. The event itself was characterized by a high degree of enthusiasm and excitement, building of mutual trust, team and individual confidence, and last but not the very least, by a very high experience recall rate.

I can warmly recommend Teamworks to any organisation looking to increase their performance as a high performing and a closely-knit team.

Salman Bohhari, Regional Vice President

The feedback I have received from staff over the past few days has been quite unanimous: "great idea", "terrific location" and "when can we do it again?" seem to capture the views. For my part, I am confident the session was time well spent and that the goals I had set for the occasion were achieved.

R.E. Webber, Manager Ventures Planning & Coordination

TDA's leadership day certainly helped West Coast Swimming Club promote its team spirit and developed the leadership skills of our young swimmers. Thank you. We will be back for more next year.

Mel Tantrum Head Coach & Managing Director

The team at TDA created a training package that was both fun and informative and most importantly helped my team to better understand themselves and how they operate in their work environment

James Fuller, Manager of Public Relations

TDA engaged the students right from the start by presenting as a friendly and supportive team who would help each child achieve. The planned challenges were timed perfectly so students did not disengage and the level of difficulty was most appropriate for the age group. The leaders were personable and quickly developed trust within their groups. At the end of the sessions students were most comfortable around their leaders and some emerged euphoric having overcome personal fears. As the coordinator it game me valuable time to assess the level of leadership in the group and the cohesiveness of the group.

Michelle Webb-Smith, Geraldton Grammar School

TDA were able to offer the students of Roseworth Primary School a challenging and thoroughly enjoyable day of activities. It was fantastic to be able to observe the group work collaboratively to solve the problems and complete the tasks.

John Jenner, Roseworth Primary School



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